CallMiner Introduces Real-Time Speech Analytics

I recently wrote how CallMiner had expanded into text analytics and had released its myEureka product, which in my opinion took the presentation of analytics to a new level. My colleagues agreed, and our firm awarded CallMiner the 2012 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for Customer Excellence.

Far from resting on its laurels, CallMiner recently announced a new product, EurekaLive, which it developed initially for a client, then made available generally. The foundation of the product is real-time speech analytics; the software monitors the words and phrases being used by a caller and an agent in an active call. It spots contextual language used by either party, or not used, such as phrases that should have typically been used by the agent (for example, compliance statements). Based on user-defined rules, EurekaLive can raise an alert that would typically result in a supervisor, analyst or other designated person listening to the relevant portions of the call. Supervisors can then take appropriate action, such as silently listening in, interrupting the call or advising the agent on how to deal with the caller or what additional information to give out. The software also captures calls and actions taken, which can then be used for later analysis.

The system works directly on an active call, thereby improving the percentage of positive identification of language used. Taking advantage of the latest hardware, it is highly scalable and so can be used on large volumes of calls.

The initial version of the product was designed very much with the client in mind, but CallMiner sees further development to help companies meet compliance regulations (missing phrases not used during a call), improve the customer experience, improve the focus for agent training and indentify upsell opportunities.

As real-time speech recognition and analysis improves, systems such as EurekaLive can impact the handling of calls as they are happening. This raises the opportunity for companies to monitor calls and take actions that improve the customer experience as it is happening and affect the outcome of calls. I recommend organizations see how EurekaLive can help them with these efforts.


Richard J. Snow

VP & Research Director

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