NewVoiceMedia Expands Globally to Advance Contact Center in the Cloud

NewVoiceMedia recently announced it has raised $20 million of investment funds to aid its expansion overseas, including offices in North America. The company was founded in the UK in 2000 and originally offered telephony and call management in the cloud. It now has a close partnership with, which has allowed it to expand into a multichannel contact center in the cloud. During the last 12 years it has achieved considerable success, both financially and in acquiring prestigious clients, mostly in the UK. Old instincts die hard, and even though the company’s services and support are accessible anywhere, potential customers still like to see support available in their country. This latest round of funding will allow NewVoiceMedia to make a serious attack on the American market.

My research into the contact center in the cloud shows the timingvr_CCC_actions_to_improve_customer_interaction probably couldn’t be better. Consumer behavior is changing the way organizations have to support customer engagement, as consumers now want to engage through the channel of their choice and at a time of their choosing. All my practical experience is supported by the research, which shows that more and more companies are realizing the only practical way to support this new paradigm is by adopting applications and communications in the cloud. The research shows that CRM has led the way, but the most likely growth area in the next 24 months is in systems to support multichannel interactions. My practical experience also shows it is not an easy task for UK companies to succeed in America, but its track record in the UK for the quality of its service and support and the partnership with puts NewVoiceMedia in a strong position to succeed.

My research shows that one of the biggest concerns of organizations adopting contact center in the cloud is performance. NewVoiceMedia has addressed this in a unique way with Trust Site, which allows companies to see the fully open results of continuous performance tests that check availability, performance and other key operational metrics. From this, and available case studies, potential customers can gain confidence that the service will meet its expectations.

Given the current economic environment, some might question the decision to expand internationally. However I share the new investors’ confidence and expect NewVoiceMedia to carve out a significant slice of the largest contact center market.


Richard J. Snow

VP & Research Director

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