CallCopy Brings Insights to Agent Performance through Analytics

In my last review of CallCopy I wrote that it was moving further from its origin as a call recording vendor by expanding its product range to include workflow optimization applications such as quality monitoring, workforce management, coaching, agent-related analytics, customer satisfaction survey management and capture of non-voice interactions. During a recent briefing I learned that CallCopy is continuing this transformation with Insight, its contact center performance management product. The offering focuses on improving agent performance with enhanced analytics capabilities that enable business insights that can be used to drive process change.

Insight provides companies with more extensive analysis of agent performance that is based on more sources of data. These include structured sources such as call records from the telephony switch, quality assurance, workforce management, and HR, CRM and ERP systems, as well as unstructured sources of data such as completed surveys, call recordings, text-based interactions and desktop usage. The product can extract, reconcile and aggregate all these sources, so in much the same way as some products produce a 360-degree view of the customer, Insight can produce a 360-degree view of the agent. To process such high volumes and diverse sets of data the product has to support big data. Rather than use one of the commonly available big data platforms, CallCopy decided to build Insight from scratch, and the company says that it lives up to its customers’ expectations.

Our benchmark research on the challenge of big data showsUntitled that when used properly such capabilities can deliver a number of benefits, including the ability to process large volumes (74%), faster analysis (70%) and more accurate results (61%). Furthermore, our research shows that companies want their big data tools to support predictive capabilities and modern forms of information visualization. CallCopy’s Insight does both, closing the loop on agent activities, which my benchmark research on next-generation workforce optimization shows is increasingly important to companies.

The product analyzes all forms of agent data and presents the results in visual formats suitable for different use cases. For example, real-time dashboards of key metrics can be customized for each user using graphs, tables or charts that show trends and highlight in different colors metrics that fall outside of defined ranges. Users can instantly see issues that need to bevr_NGWO2_01_drivers_for_improving_agent_performance addressed and share this information using collaboration tools such as email, alerts and instant messaging. Insight enables companies to link customer feedback, agent quality assessment, analysis of call recordings and coaching so that agent training can focus on enhancing the customer experience. To make the product more easily accessible across the enterprise, CallCopy offers Insight as a cloud-based subscription service.

My forthcoming research on next-generation workforce optimization shows that 78 percent of organizations said it is very important to improve agent performance and that the top two drivers of such efforts relate to customers: improve the customer experience (86%) and improve customer satisfaction (72%). And this same research highlights the growing importance of agent-related analytics in achieving these goals. Gone are the days when average call times, agent utilization, disconnected quality scores and other efficiency-related metrics are good enough. Companies need metrics that show what impact agents have on business outcomes. The challenge, however, has always been generating these metrics, as no one source of data is enough. Because CallCopy’s Insight uses multiple sources of data and addresses the analytic needs for contact centers, I recommend that companies evaluate how the product can support their efforts to improve agent performance and ultimately the customer experience.


Richard J. Snow

VP & Research Director

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