Ventana Research has announced our 2013 Research Agenda’s across the firm. You can access our agenda’s listed below which is the foundation for my work and why we are significantly different than other analyst firms who either do not have an agenda or hastily assemble a listing of reports.

Our Research Agenda’s is driven by a deep understanding of the business and technology buyer’s requirements and our knowledge of vendor solutions and technology. All research builds on structured analysis of the people, process, information and technology dimensions that describe business issues.

In a market where analyst firms are spending less time planning, conducting and communicating their research and agenda and focus in the industry, we continue to publish what we believe are the most comprehensive agendas and research-based educational approach in the industry.

Our Research Agenda’s


Ventana Research

Big Data and Information Optimization 2013 Research Agenda

Business Analytics 2013 Research Agenda

Customer and Contact Management 2013 Research Agenda

Human Capital Management 2013 Research Agenda

Office of Finance 2013 Research Agenda

Business of Sales and Marketing  2013 Research Agenda

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