Ventana Research helps organizations perform better. We work with businesses to develop, execute and sustain programs that align people, processes, information and technologies so they can function at peak efficiency and effectiveness to attain their goals.

We offer a variety of proven services to meet your specific needs, including educational workshops, research-based benchmark assessments, program assessments, market assessments, market and product positioning consultation, and advisory services.  Our educational workshops, led by veteran research analysts, offer the opportunity to broaden your knowledge across a variety of topics. We also offer tailored assessment and industry benchmark comparison services to help you evaluate and improve the business and technology aspects of your organization and embrace our research-derived best practices and methodologies. Working with Ventana Research also means you have access to our research and our analysts for reliable objective advice and education. And this unparalleled access to resources is also affordable –Ventana On-Demand is the most cost effective method available to keep you in touch with market trends, technologies and best practices.

Everything at Ventana Research begins with our focused research. We work with thousands of organizations worldwide, conducting research across 2.5 million business and IT professionals and analyzing business operations, market trends, best practices and technologies to help our clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations.

Through our community we also provide opportunities for professionals to share insights and collaboratively address challenges.  Sign up for Individual membership and gain access to research and education and monthly advice and learn through our world-class webinars, white papers, podcasts and presentations.

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